Audience Participation

At Martin Wonderland’s Magic we love to get the entire audience involved. There are three kinds of audience participation. The first is to get the entire audience to respond. The second is to get an audience member responding while remaining in their seat. The last is to have an audience member onstage with the performer.

I like to warm my audiences up. Get them responding to me by calling out. I don’t want my audiences passively watching the show. I want them involved. A typical introduction to one of my shows will have the audience, all together, calling out “Terrific” all together. Three times, each one louder than the one before.

At one point during the show I realize that I need a magic word. So I ask the audience for a magic word and use one given by an audience member. They can stay in their seat and call it out. And I use any word they give me. I’ve used some pretty creative magic words in my show, all supplied by the audience. Shim bop a lulu, rocky rolly colly, Jennifer is my sister and of course “no”. If I ask someone if they know a magic word and they say “no” then “no” becomes the magic word.

I often invite members of the audience up onstage to assist me in the performance. When I have someone on stage with me I always ensure that it is a safe, non-threatening environment. I always make the audience member the star of the show. Very often they perform the magic when I can’t.

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