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If this looks like a lot of fun it’s because it is!


The finest Northwestern Ontario Magician and Entertainer. Family fun at it’s best!


You are about to embark on an amazing magical journey. Come and join me, Martin Wonderland, on an incredible adventure into the fantastical world of Martin Wonderland’s Magic. Let the Adventure Begin.


Not only will the adventure be warm and inviting, it will also be fun, exciting and hilariously funny. Paul Ruebsam uses his years of experience as a storyteller and actor as well as an incredible talent for performing magic to bring the character of Martin Wonderland to life. Martin Wonderland is a funny likable man struggling to be the best magician he can be. Sometimes he performs amazing magical tricks flawlessly. Other times he needs the audience to come to his rescue. Whether in the audience or up on stage everyone attending the show will be involved. That’s right, not just watching the show. Everyone is a huge part of the show. Martin Wonderland will invite audience members onto the stage with him. The volunteer is made to feel as comfortable and as safe as possible. And the volunteer becomes the hero of the magic trick.


Every show is family friendly. The whole family from two years old to 200 years old will smile and laugh at Martin Wonderland’s antics.


“My son was made to feel special while onstage as Martin’s assistant. He still talks about this fantastic show.” Chancy Atwood and David


“Martin Wonderland’s Magic Show picked each camper up with their want for more and more. It was so exciting and fun. “ Val Wall


“Martin’s performance was very entertaining. He kept the audience interested and kept them laughing. Everybody was involved in the show.” Lisa O’Neill, Early Childhood Educator


Martin Wonderland’s Magic has a wide variety of programs to meet your every entertainment need.  Choose from;


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